Murano 1708 - Private Unit Murano Grande Miami Beach
Contemporary Interior Design Remodeling project by Romano Ferretti in Miami Beach, Florida Private 2 bedroom 2.5 Bathroom unit, located at The Murano Grande in South Beach, Florida 1400 sqf. Extensive renovation project that involved also the floor plan layout, reflected ceiling, some MEP relocation. All furniture and built-in elements were custom designed by Romano Ferretti, tailored to the renovated space. All millwork/furniture, including kitchen and bathroom cabinetry were produced in Italy by our supplier. It is always challenging to remodel a unit inside a condominium and be able to give a new, vibrant and sleek look to something that was originally conceived differently. It is often impossible to turn these spaces upside down, especially because we must respect the original location of major floor drains (showers, tubs, toilette). Beside the need to access the unit below, it would be extremely expensive and risky to penetrate a post tense concrete slab to relocate even one of the plumbing drains. Thus, to achieve a great final remodeling result, the focus and effort of the design go into an attentive space analysis as well as original solutions and custom designed and custom made pieces which will pair with the newly designed space. This process helps to accomplish a state of art renovation that won't leave any track of what once was the living space, while completely satisfying our customers.
Talla 1708 - Private Unit Murano Miami Beach
Design by: Romano Ferretti

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