Portofino Tower Miami Beach LPH 4004
Contemporary Interior Design Remodeling project by Romano Ferretti in Miami Beach, Florida Private 4 bedroom 4 Bath 2 floors Penthouse unit, located at The Portofino Tower in South Beach, Florida - Total area 4,100 sqf. Design process started July 2016, project ends Spring 2017 Extensive renovation project that required several demolitions to accommodate the newly designed floor plan layout, new reflected ceiling plans, MEP relocation. The owner asked me to design something "daring" with a strong personality, to create a new environment that could strike a visitor at first sight. Unmistakably, the first thing I noticed walking inside this unit was the astonishing views from the double height windows on the south/east side, facing the Ocean. Something that could not be really enjoyed with the original pokey floor plan layout, too partitioned to allow the light freely travel throughout the space available. The original drop ceilings were completely gutted to leave the space to the newly designed reflected ceiling plan, studied to gain every possible inch in height to accommodate the new shallow AC ducts, led lights, AC Linear diffusers and a few light coves. For relaxed entertaining and informal gatherings, the main direction for the first floor was to have an open space layout. A high end "loft style" great room if you will. Entrance foyer, Living, Dining, Kitchen areas all somehow part of the unique space only divided by their natural disposition and functions. The original powder room at the first floor was enlarged to become a full bathroom to also serve the new guest bedroom nearby. The focus at the second floor was obviously the Master suite. To recover every inch of space available, one of my recurring visions in my projects is to avoid building wall partitions, but instead accurately design and build millwork. With the exception of the toilette and bidet enclosed area, the Master bedroom and master bathroom are divided through a "gallery" of floor to ceiling wooden wardrobe/walking closets without using any drywall partitions. The most daring part of this design is obviously the wide shower/tub area overseeing the Living area, divided only by clear glass. All the natural light coming from the double height windows of this side of the penthouse is now reaching the Master bathroom space, from where you can now enjoy the astonishing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Fisher Island, Virginia Key, all the way too Key Biscayne. To complete the remodeling, the 3rd and 4th bedrooms and bathrooms space were also maximized and newly designed.
Portofino Tower LPH 4004
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